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Mortgage Checklist


  • All supporting income documentation to match the tax returns (W-2s, and K-1s)
  • If you are currently self-employed (1099 income, or own 25% or more of a corporation or partnership):
    • Last two years federal tax returns for the business (Forms 1120s or 1065)
    • Current year-to-date P&L Statement and Balance Sheet
  •  Last two paystubs showing YTD totals for any wage-earning borrowers.
  •  Any Social Security, pension, disability, or VA benefit award letters, etc. (if applicable) 


  • Complete bank statements for the past two months (including all numbered pages)
    • Personal checking accounts
    • Personal savings accounts
    • Please identify which account will be used to fund the down payment (if a purchase)
  •  Investment account statements for the past two months, or the last quarterly statement


  • Your last mortgage statement for all properties currently owned
  • Home equity account statement (if applicable) for all properties owned
  •  Home insurance policy information (Policy declarations page) for all properties owned
  •  If currently you’re are also selling a home, we will need the Estimated Closing Statement from escrow for the property being sold


  • Copy of a photo ID for each borrower
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